Claw Machine Franchise

Looking for an easy-to-do franchise with low start-up capital and fast returns? Look no further as Game Master is offering claw machine franchise with no overhead cost, least business problems and fast investment returns! Join the leading claw machine franchise in Singapore today!


Game Master is composed of different systems working together to yield consistent results. Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, our system has been proven to generate good returns to all our franchisees.

Meanwhile, our WhatsApp group is made available for all franchisees to be able to communicate with the management easily. Members can directly ask help from any members as well!

All our franchisees also enjoy a huge discount when buying claw machines and soft toys from us. We also offer 1-1 exchange for all “unsold” soft toys! It means that you can keep on changing the soft toys of the same value every week without having to store inventories of the unsold items!

At any given point of time should you wish to terminate the contract for any reasons, our guaranteed 70% “buy back” scheme applies to all equipment that you bought from us as long as it is in a working condition!


Game Master is is one of the leading arcade claw catcher company in Singapore. What that means is that we have the buying capacity to work with some of the most well known brands and companies in Singapore. It means you will be getting good quality soft toys at an unbeatable price! Which is a key factor of how our franchisees make profit so quickly as well!


One of the benefits you will be receiving from this franchise for sale is complete support from all angles of the business. Prior to operations, there will be workshops available for every new franchisee, so transition to this business opportunity is always a breeze.

Our HUGE inventory of spare parts, soft toys and technical staff guaranteed a past and efficient maintenance so your machine will get back to service within 24 hours.

Professional and well trained customer assistance are always on the other end of the line to assist your customer with problem related to games, notes and playing issues.


By history of our franchisees, our claw machines can earn up to $200 to $300 weekly for only one day’s work, depending on the number of machines, location, soft toy designs and season. The good thing about the skill tester business is that you always find notes and cash in your machine in weekly visit. Knowing that you are always earning and running your business with cash easily keeps you on top of your bills.

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