Charm It Up With Air Puppet Dancers

Air dancing tubes are one of the most affordable ways to attract even passerby’s’ attention carrying the message across that you have an event ongoing in the area! With them flying high up in the sky in vibrant eye-catching colors; we have a variety in white, green, red, blue and yellow.

But wouldn’t it be more fun and interesting if your air dancers has a face accompanied with a big charming smile and welcoming with its open arms! There you go – have your very own air dancing puppets! Fun fact: they are also known as sky dancers or tube man, and originally called Tall Boy with its height at 5m.

Enjoy a special packaged rate for a minimum rental of 4 dancing tubes, when you’re organizing for an upcoming road show, product launch or even a showroom. Enquire with us now!

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Affordable Air Dancer Tubes For Rental

Game Master offers affordable rates for our Air Dancing Tubes! Available in various eye-catching colors such as white, green, red, blue and yellow, these flowy bright colored tubes dancing at a height of 5 metres in the air are guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention and pass on the message that there’s an event ongoing in the vicinity!

So if you’re organizing for a road show, product launch or even a showroom, these great dancers are an ideal choice to garner attention and direct your target audience right to your event venue! Not just for attention, air dancing tubes can be used as an accessory for joyous events such as e.g opening ceremonies or even celebration of school events. Check out the display we had recently at a secondary school below.

Enjoy a special rate for 4 tubes of your choice, including delivery, set up and collection.

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