Traditional Games

Looking for traditional games to bring back memories of the good old days? Here in Game Master, we have it all ready for you at an affordable price of $250 for 6 traditional games! We are the cheapest traditional games rental company in the market! Our rates are inclusive of delivery, set up and collection of games. Why wait? Contact us today!

Traditional Games includes:

  1. Five Stones
  2. Marble Game
  3. Congkak Game
  4. Tikam Tikam
  5. Coconut Bowling
  6. Bottles Ring Toss
  7. Pick-up Sticks
  8. Chapteh

*Tikam Tikam prizes are not included

Traditional game prizes such as parachute, donkey playing cards, aeroplanes, cute stationary etc   are selling at $0.80/pc (min 100 pieces)

Congkak Traditional Game

Marble Traditional game

Five Stones Traditional Game

Tikam Tikam Traditional Game

Bottle Ring Toss Traditional Game

Chapteh Traditional Game

Pick up sticks Traditional Game

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