Premium Games

If you are looking for something more exclusive, check out our in-house arcade game machines rental or our premium games below:

Premium Carnival Games

  • Fishing Game
  • Golf Game
  • Balloon Blaster
  • Digital Double Basketball Game
  • Foosball Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Pool Table
  • Professional Dart Game
  • Animal Ride
  • Gachapon Machine
  • Large Capsule Ball Machine
  • Inflatable Pool Rental
  • Paddle Boat Rental
  • PS4 Video Game Rental
  • Wii Console Game Rental
  • VR Console Game Rental

Inflatable Games

Are you organising a big-scale event? Require game that are big and affordable? Welcome to Game Master! We have 10 different inflatable games for you to choose from! From $350 onwards, our inflatable games are ready to impress your guest at your event! Below are the list of inflatable games we have:

  • Ticket Catching
  • Skee Ball
  • Dart Game
  • 3 in 1 Game (Baseball, Basketball, Dart)
  • Plinko Game
  • Archery Game
  • Soccer Game
  • Sumo Game
  • Rodeo Bull Game
  • Colosseum Warrior (Gladiator Dome)
  • Water Soccer
  • Inflatable Horse Racing Game (4 players)

Pony Race *NEW*

Form a team and start the race upon hearing a loud horn! You will be hearing audience cheering for their winning number horse to complete the race! Our inflatable pony race is suitable for both kids and adults. (recommended to be on grass, sand or any soft ground for this activity)

Pony Race

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