Air Hockey Table Rental In Singapore

Amp it up to the next level LITerally with our Air Hockey Arcade Table but with a light emitting diode, also known as LED!

LED Arcade Air Hockey Machine Rental




Definitely an attention-grabber with its vibrant lights and a great party game to let loose at your event! On-lookers would be intrigued as well as they watch the intensity of the game grows as players scramble about with their busy hands trying to block off each other’s attacks.

How To Play:
2 competing players trying to protect and defend their slots on their own end of the game table using their hand-held mallets while trying to serve the magnetic puck across the smooth low-friction playing surface to the other end to score! The player with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

Air Hockey Arcade Machine

Our original classic is also available for rental as well, don’t shy away and just hit us up for more information!

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Singapore Air Hockey Table Rental

Why buy when you are only using for short-term basis? Here in Game Master, we provide professional air hockey table for rent/lease in Singapore!  Put this air hockey table at your event, roadshow, office or simply a fringe activity for your guest to play! Here’s how it looks like:


Air Hockey Table Game Rental

Air Hockey Table

With a digital scoring system, this is the most affordable air hockey table rental in the market!

Game Master would like to introduce our new arcade machine, ultimate puncher for rental! Every adults love this game when it comes to challenging who is the “strongest”! This game also comes with a boxing gloves for your guest safety.

Also, we would like to introduce our video arcade machine that comes with more than 100 games! This video arcade machine is on Free-play mode therefore no tokens are needed! Simply hit the start button and play with your friend!

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