Do Sports & Have A Bungee Fun Time Together!

Interested in bungee jumping but lacked the courage? How about taming your heart and giving a test run on our Bungee Basketball first!

An interactive 2-player inflatable game where you get buckled up and race each other across 10 meters and dunk in as many tosses as you can into the basketball hoop! And you must be wondering where does the thrill of the “bungee jump” comes in?

Instead of free-falling vertically, feel the elastic band holding you back as you try to progress as far as you can to get to the hoops before you get sprung back all the way to the starting point.

Perfect for sports events where you want to give challenges for your participants and at the same time, it can be a great workout as well! 2-in-1 game with a win-win situation, guaranteed to attract crowds as it’s quite a fun sight to even spectate and promotes laughter.

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