Carnival Party With Us

A carnival party would be most ideal for your upcoming event especially when the mid-year school holidays is approaching! Take this opportunity to organize for a Family Day in your corporate office for co-workers to relax and spend some quality time with their children and at the same time, why not bond closer with colleagues by getting to know their families as well!

Inflatable games such as our Double Player Bungee Basketball, Colosseum Warrior and Sumo Wrestler brings out your competitiveness even out of work but in a fun way!

Race your opponent to the very end whilst strapped by the bungee rope to shoot in as many hoops and burn as much calories you can at the same time! Do not be afraid of fighting ‘for real’ on the latter 2 games as they are safe and fun at the same time while you let off some steam positively. Cheering spectators is expected.

Show off your athletic skills like agility on the Inflatable Rock Climb or put your endurance and sense of balance to the test on the ferocious Texas Rodeo Bull where they are guaranteed to be an exhilarating experience!

Too much heat from the intense games? Cool off on our Dunking Tank or sabo your teammate to have a seat atop and laugh off his/her plight when you accurately hit bulls-eye on the mark. Ahem, why not rope in your boss as well? *evil grins*

Now that surely tugs at your heart, hurry contact us for more information!

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