Classic Carnival Games At Affordable Rates

Give it a shot to rent our games for your events! Game Master provides a wide range of games at affordable rates which includes delivery, setup and collection for you!

You don’t have to spend big bucks on large games so as to attract attention to your event. At affordable rates, our large and brightly-colored inflatable games are guaranteed to fit within your budget. Other than this inflatable Basketball Hoop Shot,  we also have various options such as Inflatable Darts, Shuffle Balls and many more which you can browse through here.

Dimensions: 1.5m by 2.8 by 2m.

For sports fanatics, if you prefer a classic setup but has budget constraints for the Arcade Basketball Machine, why not opt for our Double Player Basketball instead! No power points required and best, you have two hoops which means more to score!

With a whooping selection of 20 games, our Table Box games are one of the popular choices for its really affordable rental rates! Choose from the shooting or tossing series available in various designs which you can check them out from here! Tables with skirting are available for rental to beautify your booth giving them a professional look.

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