Affordable & Fun Activities For Corporate Family Events

Are you stressing over what to have at your upcoming corporate family event and has many constraints? Even with a low budget, Game Master ensures that you can still enjoy full-filled hours at your event!

Just like the Corporate Team Building event for the employees and their families which we have organized the previous week where they get to bond over dinner and played some arcade games together!

May the fastest fingers win as you battle each other out on the Naughty Bean Table to hit for as many lighted buttons as you can! Or a classic game of Arcade Air Hockey will do as it brings out the childhood nostalgia.

Not forgetting to snap a photo with your family and co-workers to commemorate the night and bring home a souvenir as our high-resolution instant prints are absolutely unlimited at your service! Go wacky with the fun party props and accessories as well.

So enjoyable that you can extend the fun for more!*

You can also check out other fringe activities which we offer over here!

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