Premium Tech Games For Events

With modern advancements as we progress into the future, why not take the opportunity to enjoy tech games at your event? You don’t have to buy it, just rent it! Here at Game Master, we provide affordable rates with all the necessary like consoles to games provided! All we need from you is space, power points and your competitive enthusiasm!

Virtual Reality is an experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It’s getting more and more popular especially with one of their guaranteed-to-make-you-work-out game, Beat Saber where your sense of rhythm is put to the test as you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music flying towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world. Other games available here are Resident Evil Bio-Hazard, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Starblood Arena, Mechanized Combat League, VR Worlds and Playroom VR.

Or go for the classic home video game console, Nintendo Wii where we all used to love playing when we were younger! Reminisce your childhood as you break high scores on Call of Duty 3, Dance Dance Revolution, Resident Evil, Guitar Hero & many more!

Newest into the scene is Overcooked, a highly intense multi-player game where not only your cooking skills is put to the test, but also your agility and team-work. For sure it’ll make you feel like an actual chef in a restaurant, as you’re bound to shout orders to your teammates to not screw up! Available on our Nintendo Switch is also Mario Party.

And to really get into the mood of the game, why not dress up the role! Perfect for office parties where you spice things up with a dress-up theme!

Rates are inclusive of the necessary equipment like consoles, joysticks, motion sensors etc as well as our 42″ TV with stand! Chores like delivery and set up are the least of your problems!

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