New Inflatable Sports Games

Game Master has some new inflatables games to share with you!

Dimensions: 7m by 4m by 2.6m

Enjoy this upgraded version of our Sports Inflatable where you can have 4 players on 1 game at the same time! Included are football, basketball, soccer as well as baseball! Perfect to be used as one of the checkpoints if you’re planning for a sports carnival of sorts!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 3.1m

A simple classic game of Tic Tac Toe but in an enormous version where you’ll surely entice the crowd to your event and here’s the catch, you get to mark your spot by throwing hoops into the goals! Making it a 2-in-1 sport for all!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 2.2m

Inflatable Connect 4; another classic board game in a real life sized version, that also puts your basketball skills to the test!

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