Singapore Air Hockey Table Rental

Why buy when you are only using for short-term basis? Here in Game Master, we provide professional air hockey table for rent/lease in Singapore!  Put this air hockey table at your event, roadshow, office or simply a fringe activity for your guest to play! Here’s how it looks like:


Air Hockey Table Game Rental

Air Hockey Table

With a digital scoring system, this is the most affordable air hockey table rental in the market!

Game Master would like to introduce our new arcade machine, ultimate puncher for rental! Every adults love this game when it comes to challenging who is the “strongest”! This game also comes with a boxing gloves for your guest safety.

Also, we would like to introduce our video arcade machine that comes with more than 100 games! This video arcade machine is on Free-play mode therefore no tokens are needed! Simply hit the start button and play with your friend!

For the full list of our arcade machines rental, click here.

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UFO Claw Catcher Rental in Singapore

Here in Game Master, we offer the best rate for UFO Claw Catcher Machine rental in Singapore. Customisation branding on our machine is also available! Below are 5 reasons why you should rent our claw machine:


No doubt, everyone love playing claw catcher machine. Claw Machine gives you the satisfaction when winning a prize with your “skill”, and definitely keep your guest coming back for more!

Catch Attention

Grab your target audience attention by customising our claw machine with your brand and lucky draw prizes! The unique look for our claw machine definitely stands out from the rest!


Claw Catcher Machine

Not just having a logo on the prizes, but the whole machine! Even on the wall in the machine as well! Send us your design and we will settle the rest for you.

Lucky Draw


Who doesn’t love participating in a lucky draw? Even when it’s free and you get a chance to win a big prize with your claw catching skills!

Professional Looking

Claw Catcher is one of the most professional looking game machine to have at any corporate events or carnival. Impress your guest today!

All in all, claw catcher machine is definitely a value more money rental! Tell us what you think! Contact our friendly sales manager to enquire now!