Game Master is the claw machine rental supplier in Singapore! Our claw machine can be use as a lucky draw equipment, or simply an arcade game that keep your guest entertained. Below are some of our claw machine rented out for recent events in Singapore:

As the top claw machine rental supplier, we provide branding customisation on our arcade machines as well. With many customisable area, you can now create a stunning claw machine design for your upcoming roadshow event! Here’s one we did for our client,  Alibaba, Google and BMW, with customised sticker installation on capsule balls as well!

Not just claw machine, we have customise your brand on our arcade machines as well! Discover the list of arcade games rental we offer here!

Here’s one we did for BMW at Westgate L1 Atrium Roadshow:

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Decide Your Win On Our Customized Claw Machines

Claw machines are in trend and already part of our daily lives where your hands are just itching to be in control and claw up that cute squishy soft toy that you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. And that low-key sense of proud you get (after spending much dollar bills, god knows how bad your skills are) to catch one! What if we tell you, you could rent your very own for your events like roadshows or Dinner & Dances and the winning probability is totally up to you? *rubs palms with an evil grin*

What we meant is, depending on your event’s objective you can decide the difficulty level for your audience to catch a prize! To attract people to be more willing to take your product samples, why not tease them into it with a game to try for it? Win probability and claw strength can be adjusted accordingly, free-play or token play can be arranged as well.

Adding to that, the LED feature on the claw machine allows you to select attractive colors as well as the game play’s music options to make it more enticing for the players. For a stronger brand awareness, you may opt to put in your own event products instead as prizes instead of the usual soft toys which we have available for sale. One example could be placing your products in our capsule balls so that your event-goers can have a go in putting effort to get the prize!

Also, customized decal branding can be done all over the claw machine as well to make it more personal and attractive at your event! Leaving a strong impression on your audience is already a win!

Rates include delivery, set up, dismantle and collection.

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