Customized LED Claw Machine for Rental in Singapore

Claw machines are getting more and more popular in Singapore, and you see it everywhere not just at night markets, arcade centers and shopping malls these days. Why not make things fun at your upcoming event as well?

Be it roadshows, product launch etc, you can definitely get the human crowd drawn over due to the uniqueness of our LED claw machines. Game Master provides customization for our claw machines in terms of:

  • Appearance: attractive colors selection of LED lights.
  • Branding: customized decal stickers of company logo, event branding etc around the machine.
  • Flexibility: ability to adjust win probability and claw strength accordingly.
  • Products: prizes can be cute soft toys, capsule balls, your event products etc.
  • Sound: music options for game play.

Game Master offers one of the best affordable rates in town! For booking or any enquiries, get in touch with us by simply fill up the form below!


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