New Inflatable Bouncy Games

Wanna be the first to have unique inflatable bouncy games for your event-goers? Then you are definitely looking at the right place as Game Master is proud to introduce to you our 2 new inflatable games that’s guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention!

On this Whack A Mole Inflatable, relive your childhood of playing this classical arcade game where you are the “moles” in real life! No kidding.

It is exhilarating as you team up with a maximum of 6 players, or should I say  “moles”? As well as one Whacker in the middle armed with a soft inflatable hammer. Players have to work together to defeat the Whacker by collecting as many soft balls as they can without getting whacked!

Be in awe at the length of 13 meters and 4 meters high of our new Carnival Obstacle Course where it’s the most ideal choice when you’re organizing a big event and wanted to create some challenge for your event-goers! Rent this with delivery, set up, dismantle and collection all included in just one price!

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