Giant Ball Pit

Looking for a giant ball pit rental in Singapore? Game Master provides 3 different sizes of ball pit to suit your venue! Our largest ball pit rental will include approximately 48,000 colourful balls and/or clear bubble balls, soft cushion walls, cushion mat and cushion stairs. Do be assured that every kids will be attracted to our ball pit!

MEGA Ball Pit: 12m by 6m (48,000 soft balls)
Giant Ball Pit
: 5m by 4m (15,000 soft balls)
Large Ball Pit: 4m by 2.5m(8000 soft balls)

Customised Ball Pit Size

We are able to customise the size of the ball pit according to your event needs. By using our MEGA Soft Bricks as the wall, we can create different shapes, colour and sizes! Below is an example of how our customised ball pit looks like:

Small Rainbow Ball Pit

2.4m by 2.4m
2000 soft balls

Small Red Round Ball Pit

2.4m Diameter
2000 soft balls

Giant ball Pit

MEGA Ball Pit

  • Please note that we only allow our ball pit to be placed at air-conditioned indoor venue. (Any outdoor venues are not allowed.)
  • Children with sensitive skin condition are not recommended to enter the ball pit.

To rent our giant ball pit, simply fill up the form below: