Affordable & Fun Activities For Corporate Family Events

Are you stressing over what to have at your upcoming corporate family event and has many constraints? Even with a low budget, Game Master ensures that you can still enjoy full-filled hours at your event!

Just like the Corporate Team Building event for the employees and their families which we have organized the previous week where they get to bond over dinner and played some arcade games together!

May the fastest fingers win as you battle each other out on the Naughty Bean Table to hit for as many lighted buttons as you can! Or a classic game of Arcade Air Hockey will do as it brings out the childhood nostalgia.

Not forgetting to snap a photo with your family and co-workers to commemorate the night and bring home a souvenir as our high-resolution instant prints are absolutely unlimited at your service! Go wacky with the fun party props and accessories as well.

So enjoyable that you can extend the fun for more!*

You can also check out other fringe activities which we offer over here!

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Whack A Mole Or Whack Your Friends?

You heard it right – you get the perfect opportunity to whack your friends on the head without any bad feelings or actual injuries (“hammer” used is soft and safe)! On the classic arcade Whack A Mole game but a gigantic zhng-ed up inflatable version in the size of 5m by 5m by 1.8m.

In this game, 6 of you get to play as the “moles” in real life  where you have to work together as a team against the 1 assigned whacker who will be stationed in the centre of the inflatable and collect as many soft balls as you can without getting whacked!

An exhilarating game at the same time exercising you to the max with your agile movements crawling around the inflatable and definitely an attention-grabber for even the onlookers at the event!

We also offer Arcade Whack A Frog machine rental that is great for parties and events with kids!

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Charm It Up With Air Puppet Dancers

Air dancing tubes are one of the most affordable ways to attract even passerby’s’ attention carrying the message across that you have an event ongoing in the area! With them flying high up in the sky in vibrant eye-catching colors; we have a variety in white, green, red, blue and yellow.

But wouldn’t it be more fun and interesting if your air dancers has a face accompanied with a big charming smile and welcoming with its open arms! There you go – have your very own air dancing puppets! Fun fact: they are also known as sky dancers or tube man, and originally called Tall Boy with its height at 5m.

Enjoy a special packaged rate for a minimum rental of 4 dancing tubes, when you’re organizing for an upcoming road show, product launch or even a showroom. Enquire with us now!

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Kids Bouncy Castle Rental in Singapore

Be Your Own Kings & Queens

Perfect for kids’ birthday parties – making them little princes and princesses feel more royal than they already are on their special day! By gifting them one full day of bouncy fun as they rule and command on their very own castles!

Dimensions: 3m by 3m by 2.5m

Bounce & Slide Combo here is the most ideal if you’re holding a small party or if the venue is not big enough! No size of any bouncy castles can prevent children from squealing in excitement as they scramble along to jump up and down in our safe inflatables.

Or if they are adventurous enough to rule a different land, opt for the Lion Kingdom! One great party idea to go along with this popular design: have a safari-themed party where kids can dress up as zookeepers or have animal face painting too!

Dimensions: 5.5m by 6.5m by 3m

At the same time introducing to you our new large bouncy castle – Circus Carnival! Featuring cute zoo animals on its Ferris Wheel, this bouncy offers you a quick slide at the back as if you’re on a mini roller-coaster!

Dimensions: 6m by 4m by 4m

Many more bouncy castles awaits you to explore!

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Pump It Up With Our Dance Machine

Dance Dance Revolution, a popular dance simulation arcade game where we used to danced our feet off according to the set of patterns back then in our after-school days lounging in the arcade centers instead of hitting the books in the library.

Here at Game Master, we not only have that but as well as this sweet NX Absolute Dance Machine where you definitely can pump it up on the dance floor – it’s all yours!  Take full control of the stage as you (solo play) or with your partner,  move along with the hits – available in English, Mandarin and Korean! No fear even if you’re not a dancer by heart as the game can accommodate players from first-timers to experts featuring various difficulty modes so that you can keep practicing till you nailed it!

Click on the link below for various versions of our music dance machines and other arcade games!

Fun is never enough. Book with us now!

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First & Only Inflatable Dragon Playground In Singapore

Show off as an unique selling point at your event with our very own Dragon Playground that is the FIRST inflatable obstacle playground in Singapore inspired by our very own iconic childhood playgrounds located in Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio!

A sweet reminiscence for our neighboring residents born in the 1970s and 1980s where the children used to play catching and slide down its terrazzo slides. Perfect for the upcoming Singapore Bicentennial and National Day where it is 200% guaranteed to entice your target audience and gain as much awareness for your event!

Dimension: 7m x 6m x 4m

One unique point of our Dragon Playground that makes it different from the actual playgrounds is that we incorporated a familiar touch of our checkered life-sized “stools” where you used to see in the old setting of a HDB void deck where residents just chill on the marble seating. They are definitely not for sitting here but very soft and acts as obstacles on the inflatable bouncy!

Click below for more inflatable fun! Enquire with us now!

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Advertising In The Sky

As you can see from the title, giant advertising balloons are one of the old-school but affordable way to broadcast your branding to the public as they can catch on from afar!

Depending on your event scale, choose from 3 sizes available – 2m, 2.4m and 3m and you can include your event or company logo on it! Perfect for convention events as your customers can find your booth easily without much fuss!

What is provided?
– Warm light to make your giant helium balloon shine at the event.
– 2 side die cut stickers for your branding.
– Fuss-free delivery, set up, tear down and collection.
– Daily helium top-up to keep your balloon afloat.

Customization in terms of shape and colors are possible too! Don’t be shy to share your requirements with us.


Feel free to drop by Suntec Convention Centre if you are in the vicinity as we currently have it on display at out client’s event to check out how it looks like in real life! Really gigantic.

We also provide rental for Lighted Tripod Balloon as well!
Discover more by clicking the link below!

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Lit It Up At Your Event, Literally

Amp it up to the next level LITerally with our Air Hockey Arcade Table but with a light emitting diode, also known as LED!

Definitely an attention-grabber with its vibrant lights and a great party game to let loose at your event! On-lookers would be intrigued as well as they watch the intensity of the game grows as players scramble about with their busy hands trying to block off each other’s attacks.

How To Play:
2 competing players trying to protect and defend their slots on their own end of the game table using their hand-held mallets while trying to serve the magnetic puck across the smooth low-friction playing surface to the other end to score! The player with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

Our original classic is also available for rental as well, don’t shy away and just hit us up for more information!

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Premium Tech Games For Events

With modern advancements as we progress into the future, why not take the opportunity to enjoy tech games at your event? You don’t have to buy it, just rent it! Here at Game Master, we provide affordable rates with all the necessary like consoles to games provided! All we need from you is space, power points and your competitive enthusiasm!

Virtual Reality is an experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It’s getting more and more popular especially with one of their guaranteed-to-make-you-work-out game, Beat Saber where your sense of rhythm is put to the test as you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music flying towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world. Other games available here are Resident Evil Bio-Hazard, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Starblood Arena, Mechanized Combat League, VR Worlds and Playroom VR.

Or go for the classic home video game console, Nintendo Wii where we all used to love playing when we were younger! Reminisce your childhood as you break high scores on Call of Duty 3, Dance Dance Revolution, Resident Evil, Guitar Hero & many more!

Newest into the scene is Overcooked, a highly intense multi-player game where not only your cooking skills is put to the test, but also your agility and team-work. For sure it’ll make you feel like an actual chef in a restaurant, as you’re bound to shout orders to your teammates to not screw up! Available on our Nintendo Switch is also Mario Party.

And to really get into the mood of the game, why not dress up the role! Perfect for office parties where you spice things up with a dress-up theme!

Rates are inclusive of the necessary equipment like consoles, joysticks, motion sensors etc as well as our 42″ TV with stand! Chores like delivery and set up are the least of your problems!

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New Inflatable Sports Games

Game Master has some new inflatables games to share with you!

Dimensions: 7m by 4m by 2.6m

Enjoy this upgraded version of our Sports Inflatable where you can have 4 players on 1 game at the same time! Included are football, basketball, soccer as well as baseball! Perfect to be used as one of the checkpoints if you’re planning for a sports carnival of sorts!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 3.1m

A simple classic game of Tic Tac Toe but in an enormous version where you’ll surely entice the crowd to your event and here’s the catch, you get to mark your spot by throwing hoops into the goals! Making it a 2-in-1 sport for all!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 2.2m

Inflatable Connect 4; another classic board game in a real life sized version, that also puts your basketball skills to the test!

Hurry contact us to be the first to have them at your upcoming event!

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