Customized Fun For Your Event

Game Master provides a wide range of carnival fun from classic fun fair games to arcade staples, so don’t look away even if you’re looking for something that is more personalized and closer to your event’s objectives because everything is possible here at Game Master.

If your event has a particular theme and you would want to incorporate our Table Box Games as well for example, instead of the usual Milk Can Toss or Carnival Ring Toss we are flexible enough to make moderation to the game in terms of appearance, equipment used and game rules to better fit for your theme. And all these box games are available for rental at a cheap rate with delivery included!

Carnival game prizes such as soft squishy toys, capsule balls, assorted key chains and traditional prizes such as card games, five stones, marbles so on etc can be purchased as gifts for your event-goers too! Customization for prizes is available as well, like badges imprinted with your company logo etc. Just talk to one of our friendly Game Master for more information!

Click here for our full list of FUN that you’ll definitely want to include for your next event!

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Customized Carnival Games & Arcade Machines Rental

Game Master not only provides affordable rates for our carnival games and arcade machines, but also customization for them if you wanna zhng! (beautify or upgrade something) them up making it the one and only at your event!

One of our popular customization would be for our claw machines, and you can do it from head to toe where you can stick on your event branding or company logo etc all around the claw machine. To make it more personalized as well as spreading a stronger brand awareness, you may put in your event products for your event go-ers to catch instead of opting for our usual soft toys as prizes. If the size of product does not fit, you can itemized it down on a slip of paper and put inside our capsule balls.

Just a tip if you wish to rent for our claw machines, you are able to select your LED display lighting as well as the game-play’s music suited to your event. Win probability and claw strength can be set according to your preference as well.

Decal customization can be done on our arcade games and capsule machines as well! Moving forward with technology, you can also rent a Spin The Wheel board with us but in digital form like the one you see below.

For more information on customization, get in touch with us now.

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Connect. Contact. Discover.