Be The Game Master At Your Event

Because Game Master provides the top supplies for all your arcade and fun fair games, you can be a Game Master yourself at the event! Regardless of your event theme, we could help turn it into a full carnival experience!

Fret not if your theme is retro/vintage/oldies and have zero ideas for your event! As the master of all games, you can find traditional games with us! Small game prizes can be arranged as well on a separate charge.

  • Tikam Tikam
  • Five Stones
  • Marble
  • Congkak
  • Hopscotch
  • Coconut Bowling
  • Pick Up Sticks
  • Chapteh

Psst, you can also purchase traditional game prizes from us as well!

Fun has no limits even if you’re on a tight budget! Engage our most-affordable and popular Carnival Box Games so that you can save and get more party food and booze for the event! Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

Among them we have our “Feed Series” and “Shooting Series” – where players will be given 3 chances to score at least 1 to win! As well as traditional fun fair staples such as Carnival Ring Toss, Milk Can Toss and Tic Tac Toe. With a minimum rental of 3 stalls, you get to enjoy a special discounted rate.

Premium games such as Balloon Blaster, Double Digital Basketball Game, Beer Pong etc can also attract more attention to your event!

For the full list and details for all our games, Discover them in the link below!

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Traditional Games Rental in Singapore

When it comes to games rental, Game Master have it all! From large scale carnival games, arcade game machines to traditional games, our team works hard to provide you the best carnival experiences for your upcoming event!

Here we provide the cheapest traditional games rental in Singapore! Below are the following traditional games we have:

  1. Five Stones
  2. Marble Game
  3. Congkak Game
  4. Tikam Tikam
  5. Coconut Bowling
  6. Bottles Ring Toss
  7. Pick-up Sticks
  8. Chapteh

Congkak Traditional Game

Bottle Ring Toss

Chapteh Traditional Game

Pick Up Sticks Traditional Game

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