Unique Themed Inflatable Obstacle Course

If you’ve been following closely with Game Master, you should already know by heart of our current new inflatable games such as the Human Whack A Mole and the Carnival Obstacle Course! But guess what? Something bigger is heading your way!

Introducing to you, our latest Safari Obstacle Course which is most ideal especially when you’re having an animal themed party for kids or a sports-related event where you can have your participants compete for the fastest time in completing our 14 meter long course!

Run past the inflatable trees as if you’re in a real jungle, before proceeding forward to climb up the steep stones. Reward yourselves for the adventure with a slide down at the end of the course at the very top! Of course, bouncing up and down along the way is definitely a must as a checkpoint!

We’ll give you a second chance to refresh your memory on our new games over here and here!

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