Whack A Mole Or Whack Your Friends?

You heard it right – you get the perfect opportunity to whack your friends on the head without any bad feelings or actual injuries (“hammer” used is soft and safe)! On the classic arcade Whack A Mole game but a gigantic zhng-ed up inflatable version in the size of 5m by 5m by 1.8m.

In this game, 6 of you get to play as the “moles” in real life  where you have to work together as a team against the 1 assigned whacker who will be stationed in the centre of the inflatable and collect as many soft balls as you can without getting whacked!

An exhilarating game at the same time exercising you to the max with your agile movements crawling around the inflatable and definitely an attention-grabber for even the onlookers at the event!

We also offer Arcade Whack A Frog machine rental that is great for parties and events with kids!

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