Your Very Own Customized Mascots

Game Master had an abundance of huat earlier this Chinese New Year and we certainly hoped along with the umpteen toss of lou hei (also known as Yusheng or Prosperity Toss); your good fortune is going nowhere else but higher and higher!

Just like how our very own God of Fortune (Cai Shen Ye) who was having a huat of his time going around to provide his blessings in offices and corporate gatherings. You’ll know who to thank later when you receive your fat bonus at the end of the year. *wink*

But if you’re looking for something less conventional, opt for our squishy cute Cai Shen Ye in the form of balloon sculpture! Even though it can’t give out candies or roam about but hey, all that selfies and group photos can be unlimited as you need not fret about our Cai Shen running away when the time’s up!

Take a look at our other CNY related mascots here!

We also provide a wide range of other mascots for events and special occasions such as Christmas.

For any enquiry or bookings, get in touch with our Game Master now!

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