Attractive Inflatable Bouncy Fun

Look at just how magnificent our Double Slides Combo looked even when from afar? With its vibrant colors, it’s bound to attract curious on-lookers on information on your event and entice for possible future collaborations!

Event organizers can do so as a stepping platform to promote and/or increase their brand awareness or new products. It can be sometime served as a decoration purpose at your event due to the attractiveness of its design; or have their company/event logo printed out and stick on as a decal sticker.

Browse through the various bouncy castles and inflatable games that we’ve partnered up with for the recent events! Be it organizing for a birthday party, roadshow or Dinner & Dance etc, there’s surely something most catered to your theme and what kind of event you have in mind! Just let us know.

Check out our extensive list with photos in the Discover link below!

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Make Your Carnival Event One & Only

Planned and organized various events but have you ever had your very own uniquely-customized game activity like this one here?

Featured here is Tic Tac Toe, one of our 20 table box games which is easily one of the most popular rental because of its affordability! You can get it at one of our cheapest rate with inclusive of delivery and setup as well!

Attract your audience by giving it a brand new look by customizing it to fit your event’s theme. You can either create your own design for the top and/or bottom board or change to have your own event products to be used in the table box game as well! Chat us up to find out more.

Take a look at the full list over here!

– Minimum rental of 3 stalls required to enjoy special discounted rate.
–  Only for indoors or sheltered area.
– Dimensions: 0.93m by 0.93m.

Check out other various kinds of carnival games we have to offer such as traditional games like Five Stones and Tikam Tikam, inflatable games and premium games like this Large Digital Basketball here in the Discover link below!

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Affordable Air Dancer Tubes For Rental

Game Master offers affordable rates for our Air Dancing Tubes! Available in various eye-catching colors such as white, green, red, blue and yellow, these flowy bright colored tubes dancing at a height of 5 metres in the air are guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention and pass on the message that there’s an event ongoing in the vicinity!

So if you’re organizing for a road show, product launch or even a showroom, these great dancers are an ideal choice to garner attention and direct your target audience right to your event venue! Not just for attention, air dancing tubes can be used as an accessory for joyous events such as e.g opening ceremonies or even celebration of school events. Check out the display we had recently at a secondary school below.

Enjoy a special rate for 4 tubes of your choice, including delivery, set up and collection.

For other advertising equipment rental, click on the Discover link below to check out more on our lighted tripod balloons!

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Decide Your Win On Our Customized Claw Machines

Claw machines are in trend and already part of our daily lives where your hands are just itching to be in control and claw up that cute squishy soft toy that you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. And that low-key sense of proud you get (after spending much dollar bills, god knows how bad your skills are) to catch one! What if we tell you, you could rent your very own for your events like roadshows or Dinner & Dances and the winning probability is totally up to you? *rubs palms with an evil grin*

What we meant is, depending on your event’s objective you can decide the difficulty level for your audience to catch a prize! To attract people to be more willing to take your product samples, why not tease them into it with a game to try for it? Win probability and claw strength can be adjusted accordingly, free-play or token play can be arranged as well.

Adding to that, the LED feature on the claw machine allows you to select attractive colors as well as the game play’s music options to make it more enticing for the players. For a stronger brand awareness, you may opt to put in your own event products instead as prizes instead of the usual soft toys which we have available for sale. One example could be placing your products in our capsule balls so that your event-goers can have a go in putting effort to get the prize!

Also, customized decal branding can be done all over the claw machine as well to make it more personal and attractive at your event! Leaving a strong impression on your audience is already a win!

Rates include delivery, set up, dismantle and collection.

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Your Very Own Customized Mascots

Game Master had an abundance of huat earlier this Chinese New Year and we certainly hoped along with the umpteen toss of lou hei (also known as Yusheng or Prosperity Toss); your good fortune is going nowhere else but higher and higher!

Just like how our very own God of Fortune (Cai Shen Ye) who was having a huat of his time going around to provide his blessings in offices and corporate gatherings. You’ll know who to thank later when you receive your fat bonus at the end of the year. *wink*

But if you’re looking for something less conventional, opt for our squishy cute Cai Shen Ye in the form of balloon sculpture! Even though it can’t give out candies or roam about but hey, all that selfies and group photos can be unlimited as you need not fret about our Cai Shen running away when the time’s up!

Take a look at our other CNY related mascots here!

We also provide a wide range of other mascots for events and special occasions such as Christmas.

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Leading Party Planner in Singapore

When it comes to planning a party in Singapore, Party People has never failed to impress us with their party equipment and concept! Here we introduce the leading party planner in Singapore, Party People! From party planning to party rental, Party people is a one-stop party company that has everything you need! Below are the top 5 reasons why you should hire Party People:

Party Planning

Be it a kids birthday party or a corporate party, party planning is never an easy task! Hiring a experienced party planner is the best solution when you want everything to go smoothly on a happy occasion. Party People provide not just planning and managing a party, they also provide a one-stop party rental solutions for all types of events in Singapore as well.

Mascot Rental

Having a mascot at an event can hype up the atmosphere and get all the kids (and even the adults) excited! Last month, their popular Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) mascot has been to more than 10 events around Singapore! Not just waving, shaking hands and taking photos, you can also request the mascot to give our gifts as well! Party People provides a wide range of mascot rental for you to choose from, find out more on

Live Food Stations

With more than 30 different live food stations to choose from, you can be sure to get the perfect party snacks for your guest at your event today! Some of the popular carnival snacks are popcorn and candy floss, hotdog bun, ice cream, churros, fried chicken wings, muah chee, tutu kueh and traditional drinks!

Art and Craft Activity

Want to entertain the kids at a party or event but having a tight budget? Why not consider having some art and craft activity at your party! From $3/pax, kids can create their very own art pieces and bring it home as a gift!

Mega Children Playground

Party People is the first company to offer a mega children playground rental in Singapore! Playground consist of building block area, tunnel, maze, slides and a mega ball pit!

For more information, simply go to and enquire with Party People today!

One of A Kind Arcade Machines For Your Event

As you’ve already knew, here at Game Master we provide affordable rates for our carnival games and arcade machines. No prizes given but your good memory already knew delivery, set up, dismantle and collection is all included. But, what do you know about our new games here?

Featured recently and added into our family most recently, our Carnival Obstacle Course is still piping hot up for grabs when you’re organizing for an event on a huge scale. At a snake-long length of 13m and 4m tall, our bright circus bouncy featured with cute inflated animals and Mr Clown is bound to have heads turned.

Bringing back the nostalgia; engage in a game of Jenga, a game of physical and mental skill built on the simple premise of stacking wooden blocks but in a UPSIZED version where you can get the game more heated up as you face the intensifying stress of wobbling blocks right in front of you!
Fun Fact: The record for the highest known Jenga tower is 40 complete stories with two blocks into the 41st, claimed in 1985 by Robert Grebler in US. Challenge yourself and break a new record!

How To Play: Players take turns to remove a block from a tower and balance it on top, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses.

Another upsized classic game you may take interest in would be our Human Whack A Mole Inflatable which you can find out more here!

Wow and be the envy of everyone when you have one of these Bishi Bashi machine (ビシバシチャンプ Bishi Bashi Chanpu) at your event! With a wide variety of competitive mini games, spam those colored buttons to break records and win your friends! Not to fret if you are unsure on how to play, as each mini game explains its controls before play commences.
(Dimensions: 1.2m by 1m by 1.9m)

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Top Carnival Planner in Singapore

We’ve mentioned Carnival World a couple of times from our past few posts but what do you know about them? Today, we’ll like to formally present to you our number one when it comes to carnival-themed event planning and provider and why they should be your first choice in the industry.

As an affiliated partner that we’ve been working together with for years, Carnival World specializes in carnival-themed events and is might as well called a One-Stop Event Provider for all your needs. From event coordinating, theming and artistes, emcee and talent bookings; equipment/vendor and event sourcing to customized equipment rental and branding as well as in-house carnival rental such as live food stations, arcade machines, carnival games, ball pits, advertisement balloons so on and so forth.

Also one of the known carnival planning company in Singapore, they’ve worked with many big companies and often have them coming back to organize for more of their events. With a diverse clientele consisting of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense, People’s Association, Singtel, Prudential, United Overseas Bank, Rolex, Gucci, Lazada and Hyundai etc. Be it big or small and not just mainly carnival events, Carnival World is experienced in providing that same carnival experience memorable for all events regardless of scale ranging from birthday parties, open house, product launches and roadshows, Family Day, corporate team building and Dinner & Dances etc.

With that much support, Carnival World aims to provide and satisfy all your needs as an event provider by providing free consultations and quotations as well as affordable rates for their equipment and services rental with the top priority to ensure a successful event for you and your clients/event-goers to have nothing but absolute fun at the end of the day. So without further ado, let’s jump straight in to check out their products and services!

What’s a carnival experience without keeping your tummies happy as well? Carnival World provides more than 20 live food stations ranging from traditional snacks, finger foods and refreshing drinks etc! Our popular choices are popcorn, candy floss, tutu kueh and traditional ice cream cart!

Bouncy Castles is the one of the many first things that comes to mind when you think of funfairs and carnivals. And you’re in luck because Carnival World provides a wide variety ranging from sizes and themes as well as unique inflatable games and obstacles courses as well! Here’s why you should book from them:

Creative designed inflatables have never failed to get the attention of both children and adults! It can also be also served as a decoration purpose at an event due to the attractiveness of its design.

As compared to many companies in Singapore, their inflatable castles are highly affordable for rent! Rates include delivery, set-up, dismantle and collection.

Their inflatables bouncy castles materials are PVC Tarpaulin and PVC cover, the best quality for inflatables.  It is strong and heavy. However, we restrict adults from jumping on our small and medium inflatables to prevent any damages.

Setting up an bouncy castle is fast. Taking from 10mins – 30mins depending on the size of the inflatables.

A wide range of inflatables for you to choose from! Various themes such as sports, safari, ocean and dinosaurs etc; there’s bound to be one that is suited to your event!

With more than 10 years of experience in the event’s industry, Carnival World has been providing good quality and hassle-free rental services for all their clients. Any unforeseen circumstances that our bouncy castle is down, we will get another one sent over as soon as possible with no additional charges.

If you’re looking for live action and hands-on fringe activities during your event, Carnival World provides a full list such as:
– Roving Magician
– Roving Juggler
– Roving Stilt Walkers
– Professional Emcee Hosting
– Balloon Artist
– Stage Magic Show
– Stage Juggler Show
– Air Brush Tattoo Artist
– Face Painting
– Glitter Tattoo Artist
– Caricature
– Shrink Keychain Caricature
– Silhouette Cutting
– Wire Art
– Roving Photographer
– Live Photo Booth
– Henna Artist
– Scratch Art Station
– Sand Art Station
– Window Art Station

And not just bouncy castles, Carnival World also provides rental for a wide range of more than 100 arcade and carnival games where you can enjoy at your event as well! Classic and current trending arcade machines such as Arcade Basketball, King of Hammer, Pinball, Air Hockey, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Darts Machine, Bishi Bashi, Mario Kart, Daytona Racing, Time Crisis, Claw Machine etc. Or go old-school with carnival games such as Milk Can Toss, Large Ring Toss, Hopscotch, Fishing Game, Shoot The Target, Balloon Dart, Giant Beer Pong, Wii/VR Station, Pool Table and many many more!

With rates as low as $200* onwards, you need not worry about additional charges such as delivery as it is inclusive along with set-up, dismantling and collection. Do check them out on their website @ for more information.

Swag Pool Parties for Kids

Have your own amusement par-ty at the pool with fun and exciting water games which you can rent here from Game Master at affordable rates!

You can save up on games and spend to get more party food and refreshments to energize yourselves after all that splashing fun at your pool party! And how is that possible? Game Master provides one of the cheapest rates in the industry which include delivery, set-up, dismantle and collection.

Here are some of them you might be interested in!
– Dunking Tank
– Water Inflatable Obstacle Course
– Inflatable Pool
– Paddle Boat
– Water Gladiator
– Water Rock Climbing

Be your very own Game Master at the party as you glide on our Water Gladiator to fight off your friends or show off em’ agile climbing skills! Safe for kids, our inflatable pool only has a depth of 0.6m but at a length of 12m which is perfect for a party! Especially for a boat-paddling race on waters!

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Huat This Year With Unique Mascots For Your Event

With a whooping total of 15 days to soak in the Lunar New Year festive, it’s not too late to engage your Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) to give blessings at your upcoming family gathering or company party!

Book now before 19th February to enjoy our Huat rate for your Cai Shen Ye! To make your event more happening, three’s not a crowd with our cute Fu Lu Shou trio! Or also known as the Three Stars Gods representing the qualities of Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu) and Longevity (Shou) = triple the blessings!

Stand out from other events with our unique traditional Chinese opera stilt walkers that not only goes well with the lunar festive vibes, but also garner all eyes from the crowd!

Psst, we also provide mascots rental for other events such as seasonal occasions and parties!

Get in touch with our Game Master to book now!

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