Brand Up Arcade Machines At Your Event

Claw machines are one of the popular arcade rental for events as everyone of all ages can join in the fun, and at the same time you can spread your product awareness by placing them inside as prizes for your target audience! Especially with an unique and eye-catching but specifically a design of your very own to make it impressionable and entice your audience.

But do you know we also provide decal customization for other arcade machines and carnival games as well? Escape the norm and be out of the box and have them customized just right for your event theme! Just like our Arcade Whack A Frog here which participated in a medical event recently where the players whack “germs” away instead! A fun yet educational game at the same time. Check out some of them at past events below!

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Customized Carnival Games & Arcade Machines Rental

Game Master not only provides affordable rates for our carnival games and arcade machines, but also customization for them if you wanna zhng! (beautify or upgrade something) them up making it the one and only at your event!

One of our popular customization would be for our claw machines, and you can do it from head to toe where you can stick on your event branding or company logo etc all around the claw machine. To make it more personalized as well as spreading a stronger brand awareness, you may put in your event products for your event go-ers to catch instead of opting for our usual soft toys as prizes. If the size of product does not fit, you can itemized it down on a slip of paper and put inside our capsule balls.

Just a tip if you wish to rent for our claw machines, you are able to select your LED display lighting as well as the game-play’s music suited to your event. Win probability and claw strength can be set according to your preference as well.

Decal customization can be done on our arcade games and capsule machines as well! Moving forward with technology, you can also rent a Spin The Wheel board with us but in digital form like the one you see below.

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Customized Branded Claw Machine For Rental

Thinking of renting claw machines for your upcoming events? How about making it your very own during your event?

Game Master provides customization for arcade machines, from head to toe! One of our popular machine would be the LED Claw Machine which we have previously worked with many clients such as UOB, Calvin Klein Jeans, DFS Group and many more!

Game Master provides decal customization where you can stick on your company brand, event logo etc around the machine to make it unique and memorable to everyone!

Aiding to that would be the LED feature on the machine whereby you can select attractive colors as well as the game play’s music options suited to your event! For a stronger brand awareness, you may opt to put in your own event products instead of the usual soft toys as prizes.  One example could be placing your products in our capsule balls so that your event-goers can have a go in putting effort to get the prize! Win probability and claw strength can be set accordingly as well, so should you like happy smiles to go home with something to remember from your event – free play for everyone!

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