Game Master is the claw machine rental supplier in Singapore! Our claw machine can be use as a lucky draw equipment, or simply an arcade game that keep your guest entertained. Below are some of our claw machine rented out for recent events in Singapore:

As the top claw machine rental supplier, we provide branding customisation on our arcade machines as well. With many customisable area, you can now create a stunning claw machine design for your upcoming roadshow event! Here’s one we did for our client,  Alibaba, Google and BMW, with customised sticker installation on capsule balls as well!

Not just claw machine, we have customise your brand on our arcade machines as well! Discover the list of arcade games rental we offer here!

Here’s one we did for BMW at Westgate L1 Atrium Roadshow:

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If you are a claw machine enthusiast or someone who loves claw machine, we have something that is just perfect for you! Instead of queueing and waiting for the claw machines in the arcades to free up before you can play, instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars trying your luck to catch the toys in the machine.

We are providing claw machines for sale and rental in Singapore! With this claw machine, you can save your time, money and quit trying countless of times and not get any prize in return. Whether you are having an upcoming event such as wedding, family gathering, gala dinner or any festive event or even simply having it at home for pleasure play, we got that covered for you!

With this, you can now play as you please and catch as many prizes as you want without having to spend $1.50 on each game. Also, it would be the perfect time for you to practice your claw machine skills with the unlimited plays you can now have.

Our Led Claw Machine are also widely customizable with Decals according to your design and specifications. Eg: Company Logo, Branding Promotions, Plush Toys, Capsule balls etc.

Not what you are looking for? Game Master offers a wide selection of arcade games rental and sale that you can choose from and we assure you that you will definitely be able to find one that you like! To know what are the machines we have, contact us to find out more!

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Game Master offer a wide range of arcade and carnival games for party hire in Singapore! As the trusted party planner and party rental company, we have over 400 party equipment rental so you can be assured to find what you need when engaging our services. Our team has also plan, execute and manage private parties, corporate party, family day and many more.


Our arcade games rental range from the popular arcade basketball, bishi bashi and batman racing machine, to retro video arcade machine and mario kart machine, we have it all!


Whether you are hosting a party, event or a large scale carnival or D&D, carnival games always get people excited! Engage our carnival games rental for your upcoming party today from just $99 for a full day rental!


Every kids love to jump in a pit filled with colourful soft balls! Engage our ball pit rental to surprise your kids at his or her birthday party!


If you have a large backyard, you can consider having a bouncy castle rental or even a large inflatable obstacle course for your upcoming party! Here’s our safari obstacle course setup at our client’s landed property in Singapore.


What if you don’t have a large backyard, but have a large pool in your house? No worries, as our water inflatable obstacle rental is just what you need for your party! Our modular water obstacle course length can be increase or reduce according to your pool size.

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Our friendly event planners will reply within the day, many times almost immediately!
Alternatively you may also call us at 66126450 or Whatsapp us here!

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Unique Arcade Machines Rental For Events

Are you looking for arcade machines to rent for your upcoming events? Claw machines is a popular choice for event organizers as you can not just customize its appearance according to your event theme or branding, as well as increase your product awareness by placing your merchandises in the machines! Or you can go by the classic way – I mean who doesn’t wanna win themselves a cute soft toy?

But how about something else that is much more unique and not seen at other events?

Arrange mini matches among your event go-ers as they spam those colored buttons to break records on the competitive Bishi Bashi machine (ビシバシチャンプ Bishi Bashi Chanpu)! Or challenge em’ hoops to see who has the highest high score on the Arcade Basketball!

Other than your own event products, you can choose to purchase from our wide range of soft toys as game prizes for your event go-ers so that they have a souvenir in remembrance of your awesome event! Leaving a strong and positive impression so that they can engage your brand in future. Win-win situation for everyone!

Have your pick from the many arcade machines we have available here at Game Master.

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Customized LED Claw Machine for Rental in Singapore

Claw machines are getting more and more popular in Singapore, and you see it everywhere not just at night markets, arcade centers and shopping malls these days. Why not make things fun at your upcoming event as well?

Be it roadshows, product launch etc, you can definitely get the human crowd drawn over due to the uniqueness of our LED claw machines. Game Master provides customization for our claw machines in terms of:

  • Appearance: attractive colors selection of LED lights.
  • Branding: customized decal stickers of company logo, event branding etc around the machine.
  • Flexibility: ability to adjust win probability and claw strength accordingly.
  • Products: prizes can be cute soft toys, capsule balls, your event products etc.
  • Sound: music options for game play.

Game Master offers one of the best affordable rates in town! For booking or any enquiries, get in touch with us by simply fill up the form below!


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UFO Claw Catcher Rental in Singapore

Here in Game Master, we offer the best rate for UFO Claw Catcher Machine rental in Singapore. Customisation branding on our machine is also available! Below are 5 reasons why you should rent our claw machine:


No doubt, everyone love playing claw catcher machine. Claw Machine gives you the satisfaction when winning a prize with your “skill”, and definitely keep your guest coming back for more!

Catch Attention

Grab your target audience attention by customising our claw machine with your brand and lucky draw prizes! The unique look for our claw machine definitely stands out from the rest!


Claw Catcher Machine

Not just having a logo on the prizes, but the whole machine! Even on the wall in the machine as well! Send us your design and we will settle the rest for you.

Lucky Draw


Who doesn’t love participating in a lucky draw? Even when it’s free and you get a chance to win a big prize with your claw catching skills!

Professional Looking

Claw Catcher is one of the most professional looking game machine to have at any corporate events or carnival. Impress your guest today!

All in all, claw catcher machine is definitely a value more money rental! Tell us what you think! Contact our friendly sales manager to enquire now!