Premium Tech Games For Events

With modern advancements as we progress into the future, why not take the opportunity to enjoy tech games at your event? You don’t have to buy it, just rent it! Here at Game Master, we provide affordable rates with all the necessary like consoles to games provided! All we need from you is space, power points and your competitive enthusiasm!

Virtual Reality is an experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It’s getting more and more popular especially with one of their guaranteed-to-make-you-work-out game, Beat Saber where your sense of rhythm is put to the test as you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music flying towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world. Other games available here are Resident Evil Bio-Hazard, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Starblood Arena, Mechanized Combat League, VR Worlds and Playroom VR.

Or go for the classic home video game console, Nintendo Wii where we all used to love playing when we were younger! Reminisce your childhood as you break high scores on Call of Duty 3, Dance Dance Revolution, Resident Evil, Guitar Hero & many more!

Newest into the scene is Overcooked, a highly intense multi-player game where not only your cooking skills is put to the test, but also your agility and team-work. For sure it’ll make you feel like an actual chef in a restaurant, as you’re bound to shout orders to your teammates to not screw up! Available on our Nintendo Switch is also Mario Party.

And to really get into the mood of the game, why not dress up the role! Perfect for office parties where you spice things up with a dress-up theme!

Rates are inclusive of the necessary equipment like consoles, joysticks, motion sensors etc as well as our 42″ TV with stand! Chores like delivery and set up are the least of your problems!

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New Inflatable Sports Games

Game Master has some new inflatables games to share with you!

Dimensions: 7m by 4m by 2.6m

Enjoy this upgraded version of our Sports Inflatable where you can have 4 players on 1 game at the same time! Included are football, basketball, soccer as well as baseball! Perfect to be used as one of the checkpoints if you’re planning for a sports carnival of sorts!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 3.1m

A simple classic game of Tic Tac Toe but in an enormous version where you’ll surely entice the crowd to your event and here’s the catch, you get to mark your spot by throwing hoops into the goals! Making it a 2-in-1 sport for all!

Dimensions: 3m by 1.5m by 2.2m

Inflatable Connect 4; another classic board game in a real life sized version, that also puts your basketball skills to the test!

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Brand Up Arcade Machines At Your Event

Claw machines are one of the popular arcade rental for events as everyone of all ages can join in the fun, and at the same time you can spread your product awareness by placing them inside as prizes for your target audience! Especially with an unique and eye-catching but specifically a design of your very own to make it impressionable and entice your audience.

But do you know we also provide decal customization for other arcade machines and carnival games as well? Escape the norm and be out of the box and have them customized just right for your event theme! Just like our Arcade Whack A Frog here which participated in a medical event recently where the players whack “germs” away instead! A fun yet educational game at the same time. Check out some of them at past events below!

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Carnival Party With Us

A carnival party would be most ideal for your upcoming event especially when the mid-year school holidays is approaching! Take this opportunity to organize for a Family Day in your corporate office for co-workers to relax and spend some quality time with their children and at the same time, why not bond closer with colleagues by getting to know their families as well!

Inflatable games such as our Double Player Bungee Basketball, Colosseum Warrior and Sumo Wrestler brings out your competitiveness even out of work but in a fun way!

Race your opponent to the very end whilst strapped by the bungee rope to shoot in as many hoops and burn as much calories you can at the same time! Do not be afraid of fighting ‘for real’ on the latter 2 games as they are safe and fun at the same time while you let off some steam positively. Cheering spectators is expected.

Show off your athletic skills like agility on the Inflatable Rock Climb or put your endurance and sense of balance to the test on the ferocious Texas Rodeo Bull where they are guaranteed to be an exhilarating experience!

Too much heat from the intense games? Cool off on our Dunking Tank or sabo your teammate to have a seat atop and laugh off his/her plight when you accurately hit bulls-eye on the mark. Ahem, why not rope in your boss as well? *evil grins*

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Classic Childhood Arcade Machines

With technology advancing forward, entertainment centers and arcades are pushing out novelties to entice and especially appeal towards the younger generations these days.

But don’t you have those times where you wished to be reliving your childhood memories and have a go at those classic arcade machines?

Game Master is proud to bring in and present to you – Spider Stompin’! Where you used to challenge and or watch on your friends stomping hard on those buttons to beat your high score. Or probably this would be the only time you’ll dare to step or ever get near to these creepy crawlies

Spider Stompin’s dimensions: 1.62m by 1m by 1.77m.

If this is too tedious for you, try out our version of Taiko Drums where you can live out your secret dream as a musical instrument player! That counts too.

Taiko Drum’s dimensions: 1.2m by 1.2m by 2.05m.

Or ride aboard the Manx TT Super Bike available as a set where we guarantee you won’t get caught ever making a speed down the memory lane of your memories!

Manx TT Super Bike’s dimensions: 2.35m by 1.9m by 1.77m.

Of course, for a wide range of other arcade machines, Discover them in the link below!

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Classic Carnival Games At Affordable Rates

Give it a shot to rent our games for your events! Game Master provides a wide range of games at affordable rates which includes delivery, setup and collection for you!

You don’t have to spend big bucks on large games so as to attract attention to your event. At affordable rates, our large and brightly-colored inflatable games are guaranteed to fit within your budget. Other than this inflatable Basketball Hoop Shot,  we also have various options such as Inflatable Darts, Shuffle Balls and many more which you can browse through here.

Dimensions: 1.5m by 2.8 by 2m.

For sports fanatics, if you prefer a classic setup but has budget constraints for the Arcade Basketball Machine, why not opt for our Double Player Basketball instead! No power points required and best, you have two hoops which means more to score!

With a whooping selection of 20 games, our Table Box games are one of the popular choices for its really affordable rental rates! Choose from the shooting or tossing series available in various designs which you can check them out from here! Tables with skirting are available for rental to beautify your booth giving them a professional look.

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The Best Stand Out For Kids Events

Our brightly-colored ball pit is your answer to stealing the limelight! As well as the hearts of the kids who are bound to keep your event crowded!

Seen here is our Large Ball Pit that can fit a comfortable number of 8 at one time! In a pool of 8,000 soft rainbow balls, kids are free to roam about and rest assured that our ball pits are safe and clean for play!

Available in 3 different sizes depending on your event size, be the centre of attention now!

Large Ball Pit: 4m by 2.5m (8,000 balls)
Giant Ball Pit: 5m by 4m (15,000 balls)
Mega Ball Pit: 12m by 6m (38,000 balls)

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Have Your Own Branding On Machine Rentals

Claw machines are everywhere now but do you have your very own at your event?

Draw the human crowd to your event space with your customized decal pasted on our arcade claw machines! With an unique design, you can leave a strong impression of your branding on the target audience.

Increase more awareness when you can place your own products in the machine for your participants to put effort to claim for a prize! Entice them with attractive prizes so that you’ll have a result of a snaking long queue! Need not worry should your prizes be unable to fit into the machines! Flexible rental of capsule balls is available where you can place slips of paper inside.

With a lead time of *5 working days and customization at very affordable fees, hurry contact us to get your very own now!

You can also read up more on them over here:!

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Giddy Up With Your Strength On The Crazy Rodeo Bull

Instead of the usual giddy up! on horses, tame your very own Texas bull by beating the crazy speed of the mechanical rodeo bull with your strength!

The objective is to stay seated on the rodeo bull for as long as you can withstand while the machine goes spinning around in random directions. For those who are “bull-rave”, go for the ultimate game mode and hold on tight for a new high score!

But do be assured that said station is manned by a professional operator who is well-trained in ensuring fun and safety for all participants.

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Live It Up With Sporty Games

Sports is something everyone does and it can be incorporated into the upcoming event you’re planning for!

Go with the classics on our Double Player Basketball where participants  can compete one another for the most hoops thrown in!

Dimensions: 1.1m by 1.9m by 2m.

Or opt for these eye-catching large inflatable games with their brightly-colored PVC material and them towering over at an height of 2 meters, will instantly get the crowd being “kay-poh” and head over to have it a go as well.

Our Basketball Game is available in 4 different versions: Double Player Basketball, Arcade Basketball Machine, Table Box Basketball Game and Inflatable Basketball.

Other sports-related games you can find here at Game Master:
– Table Box Dart Game
– Premium Dart Machine
– Table Box Archery Game
– Table Box Baseball Game
– Golf Game
– Foosball Table
– Air Hockey Table
– Pool Table
– Large Inflatable Soccer
– Inflatable 3-In-1 Sports Game & many more!

Head over to our website at to browse through all the inflatable games we have to offer!

Rates are inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection.

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